The attorneys/agents who deal with patent matters are:

Victor J. Levy. Senior partner of Watson & Levy, joined the firm in 1970 and has a long experience on both technology and international patent and trademark prosecution acquired in Argentina with a major local firm and in the US where he worked for about 10 years with major US corporations and a well-known international patent firm. In the US he also attended graduate courses on industrial design, management and patent law. He holds the equivalent of a M. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and is a registered patent agent. He handles cases involving oil prospecting, extraction and processing, paints, industrial plastics and mechanical and electrical inventions. Victor Levy has full command of English.

Sylvia Zunino. Responsible for patent matters referring to chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological inventions. Sylvia holds advanced degrees in both Chemistry and Biology and has an ample experience in the above areas acquired initially as an Examiner at the Argentine Patent Office and as Head of the Patent Department of a major patent firm. Sylvia is fluent in English.

Matias Owsianik. A graduate Systems Analyst with a background in physics and mathematics and a patent agent with a six-year experience in handling patent applications in the field of computer sciences. Matias Owsianik is fluent in English.

We have a staff of translators who are conversant with various technologies and are supervised by the attorneys who handle the respective cases as to technical accuracy and style.

The attorneys who deal with trademark matters are:

Luciana Levy Senior Partner of Watson & Levy, Attorney at Law and registered Patent and Trademark Agent with more than 20-year experience in trademark prosecution and litigation, licensing and related matters. She has full command of English and French.

Marcela Sanchez Paz Attorney at Law, with more than 30-year experience in patent and trademark litigation, licensing and related matters. She also teaches at the Catholic University of Buenos Aires. Mrs. Sanchez Paz is fluent in English.

Roxana Mosquera Attorney at Law, with 10-year experience in trademark prosecution and litigation.

We have competent supporting personnel, both technical and administrative.